Realmortgagenews.com features mortgage news, tools and advice for anyone who has a mortgage or is just about to get one. Buying your own home is the largest financial undertaking that the vast majority of us will ever undertake so getting the numbers right is vital.

For starters here are the top five mortgage tips

There are tools available here to help you calculate what you should be paying for your mortgage, what you can afford to pay as well as advice to help you in this most important area of your financial life.

Mortgages can be very confusing for the uninitiated. Factoring in the extra costs such as insurance can make the whole process seem very complicated so. We hope you find the tools here to be useful and there will also be regular updates with news from the world of personal finance with particular regard to home buying, home ownership and mortgages.

There will always be a compromise between your dream home and what you can actually afford to spend. It’s vital to get this balance right and there are tools available at this site to help you to get that balance right. There is no point having your dream home if your mortgage repayments are so high that you worry so much that you can’t enjoy it.

If there is one message that’s more important in this area, it’s to get the numbers right at the start and this will allow you to really enjoy your home!