Mortgage Primer Package

The package which includes a video that overviews all of the basics of the mortgage process, a specialized search tool and a tutorial on what you need to do to have your personal finances in order before you talk to any potential mortgage providers.

Purchasing a home is a massive financial investment so it’s really important that you make sure to get the best deal possible. This package will allow you to do that in various ways. We’ll take a look at the various available mortgage products, the types of terms and conditions normally attached to them and how you can give yourself the strongest negotiating hand to get the best possible deal.

Apart in the financial basics, the other problem that you’ll probably encounters of the world of mortgages and real estate is wrapped up in all sorts of jargon. It’s extremely important to be able to unravel this and actually get to the heart of the matter at hand so we will take a look at some of the terminology used in the mortgage and real estate industry and clarify what people actually mean when they are using those terms.

All in all, this package will give you a crash course in the mortgage business and what you need to do to navigate it successfully.

The Mortgage Primer Package Now